Can I Get Car Repair Financing?

Mechanic with customer after car door repair

When unforeseen vehicle troubles arise in Columbus, the immediate concern is often asking yourself, “How will I pay for this?” If you’re grappling with this question, you’re not alone. Many find themselves in a position where they can’t immediately afford the necessary repairs. The good news? Car repair financing could be a viable solution. Dive deeper into this option with guidance from the collision repair department and the entire team at Byers Collision Center.



What Exactly is Car Repair Financing?

For those unexpected vehicle repair bills, car repair financing, also known as auto repair loans, offers a viable solution. While options like new car warranties, extended used car warranties, and collision insurance exist, they might not always have your back. That’s when unforeseen expenses, like accidental damages or part replacements, take a toll on your wallet.

Car repair financing serves as a financial cushion, generally in the form of personal loans, for many residents in New Albany. The specifics, whether they’re secured or unsecured, differ among lenders. In secured scenarios, the vehicle’s title often acts as collateral, and usually, a credit evaluation is a prerequisite for these loans.

Is Car Repair Financing the Right Route for You?

Contemplating car repair financing? Drivers around Pickerington should mull over a few points before making the leap:

  • The current valuation of your vehicle
  • Comparative costs of a new or pre-owned car
  • The cumulative expense of the required repairs

If repair expenses closely mirror the cost of acquiring another vehicle, it might be wiser to consider a new ride.

Car Repair Financing for Bad Credit: Is It Possible?

A lower credit score can make one skeptical about the feasibility of car repair financing. The question arises: is car repair financing possible with bad credit? Securing car repair financing with bad credit is challenging, but not impossible. If you do find such financing, be ready for potentially higher interest rates.

Byers Collision Center Finance Team is Here to Help

For those in Gahanna interested in car repair financing, our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the process. If you’re concerned about car repair financing with bad credit, rest assured that Byers Collision Center is equipped to assist and provide solutions for Columbus drivers. Reach out online and schedule your next repair!


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