Auto Repair Shop vs. Auto Body Shop

Auto Body Repair

If your vehicle could use some TLC in New Albany or Pickerington, should you head to a service center or a body shop? What’s the difference between an auto repair shop vs. an auto body shop, anyway? An auto repair shop deals primarily with mechanical issues, while auto body shops work with exterior and non-moving parts. So while your service center can handle an oil change, they are as well-equipped to handle specialized tasks like paint correction. Want to dive deeper into the differences between a service center vs. collision repair center? Let’s get started!

When Should I Visit an Auto Repair Shop?

When looking at the auto repair shop vs. an auto body shop, an auto repair shop is focused on maintenance and service work. This is where you’ll go for routine services like oil changes and tire rotations in Gahanna, as well as more urgent services like part replacements if your car components aren’t working properly. Here are some of the services you could schedule at your local auto repair shop:

  • Brake inspection
  • Check engine light diagnosis
  • Oil and filter change
  • Tire rotation, alignment, and balance
  • Mechanical system repair and replacement

When Should I Visit an Auto Body Shop?

Between the service center vs. collision repair center, the collision repair shop is much more specialized. If you’ve been in anything from a fender bender to a major accident in Columbus, you’ll first visit a service center to inspect and repair your mechanical components. But if your vehicle still looks visibly damaged, an auto body shop can bring your exterior and non-moving parts back to their original state. This includes services like:

  • Dent repair in sheet metal
  • Paint matching and restoration
  • Bumper and body panel replacement
  • Glass repair and replacement

Get Expert Collision Repair Services at Byers Collision Center

Now you know the differences between a service center and a collision repair center, and if your car needs restoration, feel free to contact us at Byers Collision Center. We’d love to go over your options and help bring your car back to life. We’d be happy to give you more information about anything from dent repair costs to car repair financing.


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