Car Bumper Repair

Car Bumper Repair

No matter how much we try, fender benders and minor accidents are an aspect of car ownership that drivers in Columbus and New Albany have to face. When dealing with car bumper repair or the car bumper repair cost that will occur, you want to be sure you can get it handled. 

Byers Collision in Columbus, Ohio has seen its fair share of people coming by to have us fix their car bumper. Whether it’s how to get a dent out of a car bumper or how to remove scratches from a car bumper, we’ve seen it all. No matter what caused the reasons for you seeking car bumper repair, we’re geared towards everything. Call us at or online, and we’ll get the process started!

Fixing Your Car Bumper

If you have more extensive damage to your car bumper than an at-home repair can fix, always reach out to a collision repair center. A car bumper repair can range anywhere from $50 for a do-it-yourself task to more than $2,000 if lights, sensors, or even camera repairs on newer models. A bumper replacement is also needed if the damage is beyond fixing. When it is limited to questions like “How to get a dent out of a car bumper” or “How to remove scratches from a car bumper?,” it’s a little bit simpler. 

Car Dents

To deal with car bumper dents, either get a heat gun or hair dryer, a pry bar, a jack, jack stands, safety glasses, and gloves. Always remember to safely elevate your car and remove the solace guard if necessary. Warm the affected area with your heat gun, and when warmed sufficiently, use the prybar to apply pressure on the dent from the inside out. Apply pressure to the deepest part of the car dent and work through its shape evenly until the dent is far less apparent or gone.

Paint Scratches

When it comes to car bumper repair, nothing’s as simple and annoying as if you get a scratch. Use a buffing compound, a drive, and a touch-up pen, and you’ll be back on the Pickerington roads soon enough. 

Also, remember to clean the area around the scratch and run your fingernail over it to determine how deep it is. That way, you can buff it with your drill attachment accordingly. If needed, add a layer of clear coat. Let that dry, and you can paint with your touch-up pen. Allow that to dry fully before hitting the New Albany road.

That way, you can answer the question, “How to remove scratches from a car bumper?”


When fixing a fiberglass crack, you might want to bring your vehicle to Byers Collision in Columbus, Ohio. This can provide for a more extensive and technical repair with more materials on hand. If you’re ready to address a fiberglass repair via online tutorials or you have existing knowledge of fiberglass, this is a straightforward fix. You can also repair things with a fiberglass repair kit. Make sure to follow the safety instructions when dealing with this.

Schedule Car Bumper Repair at Byers Collision Center! 

If you’re uncertain about doing car bumper repair work yourself, Byers Collision is here to help. Our certified technicians can help get the job done right and fix your car bumper when it’s needed. You can get an estimateonline before coming down to our center. Get your car repaired with us in Columbus, Ohio.


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