Returning a Leased Car With Damage

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If you plan to lease a new vehicle, you will want to have it returned to its original condition. During your lease return inspection, the dealership will examine the vehicle to ensure there is no damage to your vehicle. Yet, what happens if you damage a leased car? To be short, you can return a leased car with damage, however, there are some things to be aware of.

If you have scratches on a leased car or other significant signs of damage, you can incur additional charges during your lease return. Before returning your car to the Columbus or New Albany dealership you leased it from, find out from Byers Collision Center what happens if there’s damage to a leased car. If you have more questions, call us at or reach out online.

What Happens if You Damage a Leased Car?

So, what happens if you damage a leased car? If you cause damage to a leased car, you have to pay for it one way or another. Many lease agreements stress returning your leased vehicle in its original condition. Some lease contracts will allow for minimal scratches on your leased car or if there are any insignificant signs of wear and tear. You need to refer to your lease agreement to confirm what constitutes wear and tear and not substantial damage to your leased vehicle. 

You might have heard that upgrading to a new vehicle after you return your lease can reduce your fees for damage on the previously leased car, yet that’s not the case. Some dealerships around Pickerington and Gahanna will simply roll over that cost to repair your leased car onto your new leasing contract. If you have scratches on your leased car, we can assist you with any potential repairs.

How To Return a Leased Car With Damage

So, you have scratches on your leased car and are wondering how to handle this. If you saw that you damaged your leased vehicle while driving around Columbus, there are some things we can suggest to do before you stop by a lease return center. Follow these tips to save money with your leased vehicle: 

1. Speak To Your Insurance Company

If the damage is significant, speak to an insurance company ASAP. Many full-coverage insurance policies can protect you if you have substantial damage on your leased vehicle. 

2. Review Warranty Coverage

Make sure you have comprehensive warranty coverage on your new vehicle. If potential damage is part of the warranty on your leased vehicle, you have nothing to worry about. Always reach out to your dealership’s staff for more clarification. 

3. Find The Perfect Technicians to Fix Any Repairs

At Byers Collision Center, we’ve fixed multiple vehicles; this includes everything from minor scratches to full-body repairs. If you’ve noticed issues on your leased vehicle that might need repair work, we are the perfect Columbus collision center to help assist. 

Keep Your Leased Vehicle in Great Shape at Byers Collision Center

If you are worried about returning a leased car with damage, schedule an appointment with Byers Collision Center. Our certified technicians have been helping leased car owners keep their vehicles in pristine condition for many years. Whether it’s fixing a dent or handling car paint jobs, our staff has seen it all. Call us today and schedule service at our Columbus location today!


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