Should I Fix My Car Before Trading In?

Mechanic inspecting a scratch on car bumper

Ready to upgrade to a new vehicle in the Gahannaarea? As you begin to prepare to trade in your current vehicle for a new one, you may be wondering: “Should I fix my car before trading in?” The extent to which you repair your car before making a trade is ultimately up to you, but experts recommend only making minor fixes — buffing out scratches and touching up paint, for example. Otherwise, you may end up spending more than your car is worth overall. Byers Collision Center provides insight into what is worth fixing before selling your vehicle.

Fix My Car Before Trade: What to Avoid

Does your car require major repairs or extensive bodywork? It’s probably best to leave those issues be, mostly because:

  • Heftier repairs cost more money, and that ends up cutting into what you get from selling your car.
  • When you trade or sell your car to a dealership, they can fix significant issues more cheaply than you would out of pocket. In general, this is how dealerships make a profit from buying and reselling used cars.
  • Not all dealerships will deduct the cost of repairs from their trade offer. That means you would pay for repairs when in the end, it wouldn’t have affected the trade-in value.

Fix My Car Before Trade: What to Address

So, what should you fix before trading in your car in the New Albany area? Here are some suggestions:

  • Clean your car’s cabin. Throw away garbage, remove personal items, and vacuum the carpets and seats.
  • Wash and wax your car so that it looks fresh and clean.
  • Fix any minor scratches and dents. You can do so yourself at home, or turn to Byers Collision Center for paintless dent repair, a relatively inexpensive process.
  • Check headlamps and taillights, and replace bulbs if necessary.
  • Complete any routine maintenance and top off fluids (like windshield washer fluid, for example). Dealers pay attention to maintenance records when they evaluate vehicles to buy.

The most important thing is to make a good first impression at the dealership to prove your car has been well taken care of.

Prepare Your Car for Trade at Byers Collision Center

Should you fix your car before a trade? Byers Collision Center can help you to assess what makes the most sense to fix to boost your vehicle’s trade-in value. Get an estimate on the repairs you think are necessary, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


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