What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Liability insurance paperwork

Auto liability insurance, mandated in most states, provides coverage for both bodily harm and property destruction. When breaking down the auto liability insurance definition, it’s evident that these components cover expenses related to injuries to individuals or damages to assets, especially when a driver from New Albany is at fault. But how does liability insurance work? And what does liability insurance cover? Join us at Byers Collision Center as we delve deeper into these intricacies. Understanding this is essential, especially if you face an unfortunate incident in your new vehicle in Columbus.



How Does Liability Insurance Work in Accidents?

In Pickerington and across many other places, understanding the details of liability insurance is vital. What does liability insurance cover? While both bodily injury and property damage are integral parts of the auto liability insurance definition, each has individual limit specifications. Though states have set minimum benchmarks, the choice to customize these limits lies with you. To answer the frequently asked question, “What does liability coverage pay for?”, here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

Bodily Injury

  • Medical and healthcare bills
  • Any long-term nursing care that may be needed
  • Funeral costs for unfortunate fatal incidents
  • Rehabilitation processes
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Recovery from lost income

Property Damage

  • Charges for repairs
  • Replacement of essential parts
  • Damages incurred by vehicles
  • General asset damages (residences, personal belongings, etc.)
  • Pets

Importantly, this coverage primarily serves the accident’s aggrieved party, not the driver at fault. Answering, “How does liability insurance work?”, also emphasizes tailoring liability coverage limits to match your financial capabilities. Unsure about the financial implications? Get an estimate from our experts at Byers Collision Center.

Understanding What Liability Coverage Pays For

While working with your Gahanna representative, discussions will revolve around setting coverage boundaries. These limits can be either split or consolidated. Here’s a distinction:

  • Split limits let you set distinct caps for individual bodily injury compensations, collective injury reimbursements, and overall property damages.
  • Single limits don’t have a per-person constraint; the total amount is evenly split among the injured and the damages.

Learn More at Byers Collision Center

So, what does liability insurance cover? Now you can answer that question with confidence. Navigating auto insurance is often crucial when you need repairs. For prompt assistance, schedule a repair with Byers Collision Center. Our skilled team not only clarifies insurance details but also excels in vehicle repairs. Visit our establishment in Columbus or connect with us online for more information.


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