RV Exterior Repair and Upgrades in Columbus, Ohio

RV driving by snowy mountains

Present your RV proudly as you traverse the roads in and around Columbus and beyond. That means taking care of the many RV exterior elements, both cosmetic and practical. Whether you need new RV exterior lights or would like a fresh coat of RV exterior paint, Byers Collision Center is here for you. Make an appointment for your RV exterior repair or upgrade with our expert technicians. Before you do, explore the RV exterior repair services that we offer near Pickerington.



RV Exterior Paint, Customizations, and More Near New Albany

Traveling miles in the sun and enduring difficult terrain or highway conditions takes its toll on your RV. Trust the technicians at Byers Collision Center to keep your RV exterior fresh and functional. Here are a few tasks that we can complete to enhance your RV exterior paint, add customizations, and fix any damage:

  • Refresh paint and incorporate specialty coating for paint protection.
  • Repair and replace decals.
  • Repair dents and scratches.
  • Inspect fiberglass for structural integrity and crack prevention.
  • Apply underbody coating to protect from snow, salt, and ice.
  • Replace windows as needed, including awning windows, exit windows, frameless windows, teardrop windows, slide windows, and more.

When it comes to maintaining your RV exterior paint and overall appearance on your own, it’s essential to keep it clean and address any issues as they arise. Make sure to clean the RV roof, wash and wax the RV exterior, and wipe down your RV awning.

RV Exterior Lights Repair and Replacement Near Gahanna

Need to repair or replace your RV exterior lights, or want to explore new lighting options? Come to Byers Collision Center! We can take care of your existing RV exterior lights quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, we can show you the many ways that you can get creative with your RV exterior lights, with various options like light switches, panels, fixtures, and more. Consider decorative lighting to spruce up your RV patio or functional lights to help you to identify your vehicle in a crowded RV park. We make it easy for you to get an estimate on the RV exterior repair you need or installation you desire.

Schedule RV Exterior Service Today!

Get in touch with the team at Byers Collision Center to schedule your RV exterior service today. We are committed to providing you with high-quality RV repairs and maintenance on everything from RV exterior lights to RV exterior paint.


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