How Much Does Car Door Repair Cost?

Car Door Repair

Need to repair your car door? Then you may be wondering how much car door repair costs. Ultimately, the price you will pay depends on the extent of damage. That’s because car door repair ranges from fixing dents and scratches, which will cost less, to replacing the door entirely in the event of a major collision, which obviously costs more. Byers Collision Center is here to help you navigate the process when you’re in need of car door repair near Pickerington.

Car Door Repair Options

The collision repair cost calculator at Byers Collision Center provides you with an estimate of how much your car door repair will cost. As previously mentioned, there are many car door repair approaches. These include:

  • Paintless Dent Repair: If your car door has dents, dings, body creases, or even hail damage, then paintless dent repair may be an option for you. With this approach, our technicians can return your car to factory condition without high costs or wasteful labor. Paintless dent repair runs from $75 to $450, depending on the size and number of dents.
  • Car Dent Repair With Paint: Car door repair will cost more on bigger dents, or dents that have damaged your car’s paint. Typically, larger dents require a more thorough repair process, which involves sanding, painting, and drying. This may cost $2,000 or more.
  • Car Door Replacement: The most expensive car door repair option is total replacement. This occurs when the damage is too significant to fix, or if the car window and/or door lock was broken.

Use Insurance for Car Door Repair Near New Albany

If you’re worried about the cost of car door repair, then it may be worth looking into what your insurance covers. If you have comprehensive and collision auto insurance, then you should be set. Collision insurance covers damage caused by a car accident or collision with an inanimate object, whereas comprehensive insurance covers damage from events outside of your control, like hail or a fallen tree. All you will have to pay is the deductible, and your insurance will pay the rest.

Get a Car Repair Estimate With Byers Collision Center

Remember, car door repair costs vary greatly, as they depend on the severity of damage and the type of vehicle you drive. That’s why it’s so important to get a car repair estimate with an auto body shop you can trust. Byers Collision Center serves as your top resource for car door repair near Gahanna. Schedule your repair with us today, or get in touch with our team if you have any questions.


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