Side Mirror Repair or Replacement

Car side mirror

Whether you’ve had an unfortunate accident in the grocery store parking lot or were in a rush to leave the garage, a cracked or broken side mirror isn’t something to ignore. A broken side mirror may seem like a minor repair, but driving with a damaged or missing mirror can pose a severe safety risk during your New Albany commutes. Fortunately, the process for side mirror repair or replacement is simple. Learn how to replace a side view mirror and contact our team at Byers Collision Center for your collision repair service, big or small!

Side Mirror Replacement or Repair Process

If you’re skilled at performing DIY car care tasks, you may be able to take on a side mirror replacement yourself. However, you could cause additional damage if you’re not careful. Depending on your vehicle, you may need to remove the door panel to access the mirror components, making it more difficult. If you’re up to the challenge, take the proper safety precautions.

When you bring your vehicle to a dealership or repair center, the technicians take the worry out of your car repair process and get you back on the road. What does the repair process look like for a side mirror repair? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Determining the Damage: Your side mirror can be damaged in several ways during your New Albany commutes. Most side mirror replacement jobs can be completed by installing a new mirror or replacing the damaged housing around the mirror. However, a complete side mirror replacement may also require reprogramming to restore the function of power-folding mirrors and switches.
  • Ordering Parts: Once you bring your vehicle in for inspection, our technicians will determine which parts need to be replaced and order the original equipment manufacturer part that fits your vehicle.
  • Getting the Repair: When the repair center has the part, they’ll begin work on your vehicle. The technicians will take care of the replacement, any necessary reprogramming, trim painting, and inspection before returning your car to you. Schedule your repair today!

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Side View Mirror?

Similar to many vehicle services, the cost of replacing or repairing a side mirror varies depending on your vehicle’s make, model, and year. Many modern cars are equipped with advanced technologies, including pedestrian detection and road mapping, which can come with a steeper price for repair. While aftermarket parts are cheaper, OEM parts are made specifically for your vehicle and ensure lasting performance.

Typically, the cost of replacing a side view mirror at a collision center or dealership ranges from $150 to $400, although it can be more expensive with high-end cars. Based on how the vehicle was damaged, you may be able to file an insurance claim to cover the repairs. However, the repair cost is sometimes close enough to your deductible that it doesn’t make sense to file a claim. You should also consider the potential for rate hikes when filing claims.

Schedule a Repair Service at Byers Collision Center!

If you need a side mirror repair or replacement, visit our Columbus dealership or get an estimate online today. It’s a relatively simple repair; our team will have you back on the road looking new again.

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