What is Car Frame Damage?

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Your car frame is the foundation of your vehicle’s structural stability, and while it’s strong, it can easily sustain damage in an accident. So if you’ve been in a collision in New Albany or Pickerington, it’s important to know the signs of car frame damage. So, what is car frame damage? The experts in Columbus are here to help. In this guide, we walk you through the basics – including car frame damage cost and the consequences of leaving damage as-is. Feel free to reach out to us for more information, or schedule your service today! 

What are the Types of Frame Damage?

If you’re still not sure what is car frame damage, let’s dive into it. Your car frame is the structure that the entire car is built upon. It supports the whole body of the car, including all of the components and the entirety of the weight. Plus, it holds the most important component – the driver and passengers. “Frame damage” refers to any damage to this structure. Here are some examples:

  • Minor damage might occur if the exterior of the vehicle is damaged, but the structure remains intact. The body panels might be dented or the paint could be scuffed. The car frame damage repair cost will vary from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.
  • Major damage will occur when the structure itself is damaged, including bent beams or twisted panels. The car frame damage repair cost can be quite expensive, often well over a thousand dollars.
  • Your car frame damage repair cost might also depend on your car type. The process of truck frame repair is different from passenger car repair, because of the differences in construction

Why is Car Frame Damage So Dangerous?

Whether dealing with truck frame repair or SUV repair around Gahanna, any frame damage should be inspected by a professional. A certified mechanic can identify not just the extent of visible damage, but also any hidden damage that might be present just below the surface. Your car may still be drivable, but if your car structure is compromised, it is no longer safe – and it might even be illegal to drive!

What are the Signs of Car Frame Damage?

The signs of car frame damage can be obvious or subtle, so here are some pointers to help you spot those red flags:

  • Steering: Your car might veer to one side after an accident. This is a sign that it is no longer aligned properly, which can cause issues with suspension over time.
  • Sagging: You might notice that the vehicle appears lower to the ground than normal because the entire body is sagging off of the frame. This can also cause problems with vehicle stability.
  • Squeaking: You might hear strange noises coming from the car as you drive. This means parts of your vehicle are rubbing together that shouldn’t be, and car or truck frame repair is needed.

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